Project Description

Management of all types of communication for the ONG that promotes the free dissemination of knowledge for the whole Switzerland during more than one year:

Daily internal and external communication support for the NGO and its projects in 4 languages, including communication with the donators, the Wikipedians, the members of the association and its various partners, fundraising, media relations and public relations.

Coordination with other Chapters in Europe and in the US as well as with multiples partners such as NGOs, governmental entities, the contributors, etc.

Definition, writing and management of the 2016 annual report in 4 languages: definition of the content, coordination with the Board Members, the project managers, the translators and the graphic designer. Management of the whole project from A to Z.

Fundraising: defining the strategy, improving and simplifying the processes were our main goals. Management and update of a database containing 5,000 names and adresses in Switzerland and abroad (members of the association, donators, former donators, etc.), writing letters and management of their translations in 4 languages.

The 2016 annual report (French version) is available here.