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Employees are your best brand ambassadors. They participate actively in building a reputation and, therefore, shouldn’t be neglected. Internal communications are less visible from the outside than public relations and external communications but a key asset for your business and a quality working climate. We work closely with your leaders and managing team in order to establish and maintain engaged relationships with internal stakeholders and employees.

  • Announcement
  • Team building
  • Working culture
  • New leadership
  • Team management
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Angélique Commend Jequier
HR Director, Medtronic

I can fully recommend Virginie as we have worked together on a sensitive change management project regarding the communication aspect. Virginie is nimble and adaptable to the needs of her clients and is at ease to interact with various stakeholders at all levels of an organization. Precise, flexible, dedicated, results-oriented and collaborative, Virginie can provide meaningful support at a strategic as well as tactical levels when it comes to communication issues.