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Relationships between governments, citizens and industry are now deeper and more complex than ever. It is crucial to build long term relationships with key people to establish a reputation, get support and face complex issues. At Simon&Co, we are committed to ethical conduct and support you defining and implementing the most relevant strategy answering your problematic.

  • Voting campaign
  • Key opinion leaders
  • Reputation
  • Crisis
  • Change
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Angélique Commend Jequier
HR Director, Medtronic

I can fully recommend Virginie as we have worked together on a sensitive change management project regarding the communication aspect. Virginie is nimble and adaptable to the needs of her clients and is at ease to interact with various stakeholders at all levels of an organization. Precise, flexible, dedicated, results-oriented and collaborative, Virginie can provide meaningful support at a strategic as well as tactical levels when it comes to communication issues.