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In communications, PR are often perceived as the tip of the iceberg as they are seen through the outlets published in the media. Because they increase the visibility of a brand, they should be at the heart of the whole marketing strategy to take into account and prepare all aspects before communicating. This is obvious for a launch as you have only one chance to impress and make a good impression. But a good preparation remains key whenever you want to get public via an announcement, event or a special communication.

  • Full media relations support
  • Press conferences
  • Events
  • Messaging and content
  • Media and influencers partnerships
  • Press releases
  • Opinion articles
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Nuria Pinar
Brand Manager, Diageo

Virginie has a very strong commitment in every project she is working on, she quickly understands the big picture and the objectives that we want to achieve and she works very hard to reach them. She is continuously looking for opportunities showing proactiveness, problem solving skills and engagement with every single brand. She always meets all the timings bringing always some new ideas and going beyond. Besides managing PR projects with us, she also developed our corporate relations strategy with very limited time but brilliantly.
Virginie is also a team leader. In order to develop all the projects, she has been leading multifunctional teams including the client, the event organizer agency, the media and other PR agencies to cover also the German part of the country. She was coordinating everybody and leading the whole project always motivating the team to do his best and bringing all her positive energy!